About Us


Our Team

Skalevig's members are part of  a selected team of Technical Specialists, Engineers, Scientists, Business Consultants and Entrepreneurs  with proven experience in multiple technical areas, business consultation, marketing and new products R&D, oriented to do business in a smarter and more agile way


What makes us different?

At Skalevig we want to keep in touch with the granularity of our businesses because we believe that the value of an individual customer is always greater for small businesses than for large corporations. That in fact is our greatest competitive advantage: the ability to feel your own pulse which gives us a sixth sense for what to change, what is fair, and how to retain you as a customer: We will exceed your expectations not because we need to, but because we know when to.Without the shackles of rigid corporate policies, we are able to tune into your needs and adapt as necessary in a faster and  more efficient way.


Our Vision

We are oriented to provide our customers practical and friendly solutions no matter the complexity of the technology involved.Our products are meant to exhibit all over the world, high strength and multifunctional features without losing its comfort and aesthetic exceeding customers’ expectations.

We intent to invent the future by re-defining the present..